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Diapered at home
- Lash is a very shy and insecure boy, who had a tough time growing up and eventually stopped trusting most of everyone, even the woman that adopted him, because he thought she only did it out of pity. He always hides his right eye with his hair because of a severe wound that left his eye blind and badly damaged. He’s extremely thin and has many old and new wounds around his body, especially his back. He's around 14 years old, but appears younger. His ears and his arms are his most sensitive areas, while his back and right side of his face are what get him the most embarrassed and self-conscious. He’s also very skittish and will jump at the slightest noise. His biggest fears are darkness, thunder, the crack of a whip, strangers and the sight of his own blood. He loves peaches and butterflies, and often stops to play with butterflies. He has a childlike complex as well.
- Keira is a happy and cheerful witch girl who is about a year-and-a-half younger
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Disney Mix by Gigei Disney Mix :icongigei:Gigei 243 66 Playground high ground by The-Padded-Room
Mature content
Playground high ground :iconthe-padded-room:The-Padded-Room 561 38
Random 10 by LilRuffian Random 10 :iconlilruffian:LilRuffian 257 20 R. Ellie - AB by B-Bunny-Artistry R. Ellie - AB :iconb-bunny-artistry:B-Bunny-Artistry 7 1 Diaper Line by Rikishyn Diaper Line :iconrikishyn:Rikishyn 2 0
The Babysitters Ch. 1-5
      My parents always had rather inventive punishments for my siblings and I as we were growing up. I was the youngest, and so by the time they got to me (the youngest of four) they were pretty well mellowed, and had the inventive punishments worked down to perfection.
      So when I brought home the "F" on my report card, I already knew I was going to be in big trouble. It was third quarter, and I had one chance to pull it up to a passing grade in the last quarter. My parents had mellowed out, as I said, and they made a deal with me. Pull the grade up within the first half of the quarter, and there would be no punishment. However, if I did not pull it up, that would prove that I was not trustworthy.
      "No more trustworthy than a two year old," my mother now stated, holding my progress report from the first half of the grading period. I did not like the sound of that. It sounded like one of
:iconcool0127:cool0127 93 17
Key...drop animated by SketchMan-DL
Mature content
Key...drop animated :iconsketchman-dl:SketchMan-DL 493 105
How Val Uses the Potty (Censored) by Shima-pad
Mature content
How Val Uses the Potty (Censored) :iconshima-pad:Shima-pad 227 85
The Kink (Panty Pooping)
The Kink
'Izzy,' I moaned, crumpling her body up against mine. Effortlessly, I slung out a hand and put out my lamp. 'Izzy…'
  Her features grew unsteady and shifting in the darkness, but she was still undoubtedly beautiful. I hiked her baggy shirt up and slid my hand down her denim shorts, with a synchronised grin and laugh from both of us.
  Izzy wrestled herself further up onto me; she wasn't short, I was just tall, and it was difficult for her to remain balanced in the dark hue of the room. The cold wind snaking from the open window couldn't calm my throbbing heart or my heated, sweating body.
  'You know what you're doing, huh?' said Izzy, lunging back into a kiss.
  I paused for a second, tearing myself from the kiss. This was my chance. Even if I got turned down, it'd be worth the risk.
  'Izzy, this is really weird, but…'
  She sat up on my naked chest.
  'But what?'
  'Before we go any further… I have this kink –
:iconzaeopolis:Zaeopolis 88 4
Cardcaptor Diaper
“Please can I wear panties?” Sakura begged Tomoyo, tugging at her pull-up
“Sakura, I know you don’t like them but remember this is the BABY card you’re facing.” Tomoyo said “Are you really sure you want to chance it?”
Sakura had fought the BABY card three times before. The first time she had underestimated the card badly and was sent toddling back to Tomoyo in a wet pull-up. Tomoyo had helped her repotty train and two days later Sakura had tried again. Again she had been put back in pull-ups, this time for a week. The third time had been almost two weeks ago and she was still wetting the bed. With each subsequent encounter the BABY card’s magic seemed to stick on her more and more.
Tomoyo had happily taken on the role of being Sakura’s caretaker, even documenting Sakura’s second potty training with her camera. Sakura was less than enthusiastic but even she had to admit she needed the help. She’d had enough accident
:icontheunthinker:TheUnthinker 228 41
The operation
“Honey, I know you’re nervous, but you know this has to be done.” Kelly said to her daughter, Samantha as they walked down the hospital hall.
Samantha nodded numbly “I know, it’s just, who wouldn’t be nervous that they’re having brain surgery, Mom?” Samantha said
Kelly smiled reassuringly to her daughter and squeezed her hand.
“Ah, you must be Kelly and Samantha Richardson.” A young doctor in a lab coat greeted them “My name is Dr. Young. I’ll be performing the surgery.”
“Nice to meet you.” Samantha and Kelly said in unison.
“We are ready when you are. So if you want to do anything, feel free to take your time.”
“I’m ready now.” Samantha said
Dr. Young raised his eyebrows “Oh, just want to get it over with? Come with me, please.”
He led Samantha into the OR. “This is just a minor surgery, but you know that since it’s the brain, we’re goin
:icontheunthinker:TheUnthinker 153 30
Fairy Tail Diaper part 1
“It was a great idea to hold this slumber party Wendy!” Lucy said, bouncing on a couch. She, Erza, Juvia, Cana, Mirajane, Lisanna, Levy, and Wendy were all sitting around one of the back rooms in the guild. “We should do this more often!”
“Thanks!” Wendy said “I thought it would be fun just to have a relaxing girl night for once.”
“I’m so glad we didn’t invite any boys.” Lisanna said, stretching “They’re fun sometimes but boys are also all stinky and annoying too.”
“Maybe we should make them all wear diapers and turn them into babies!” Wendy said
It was an odd comment, but everyone ignored it.
“So anyone got an idea of what we should do?” Erza asked
“Let’s play magic truth or dare!” Wendy suggested
“Magic truth or dare?”
“It’s like truth or dare, except magic makes sure everyone follows the rules.” Wendy said “If you lie
:icontheunthinker:TheUnthinker 191 13
Incontinence Is Bliss (Full Story)
Incontinence is Bliss
*Just a lone story containing a couple of my OC's. Enjoy!
Josephine built up into a sprint. She was only seconds away from making it to the bathroom.
  'No -  no! Not this time!'
  Her cushy pull-up between her legs wasn't going to be put to use, she persuaded herself. Not this time.
  There it was. The bathroom door. Only a few strides to go, she told herself. What could go wrong? She had almost forgotten how it felt to go to the bathroom on the toilet.
  SPLORCH! Suddenly, Josephine winced as a portion of poop snaked into her pink, patterned pull-up. She tried to fight it, she really did, but it just wouldn't stop coming. Her incontinence was growing worse by the day.
  When it had started a couple of months back, there was just the odd trickle that escaped her bladder. Josephine didn't think any further than it was just a bit of leakage, but it soon got worse. Her first official “accident” occurred at a party.
:iconzaeopolis:Zaeopolis 129 17
Nappy Halloween
"For goodness sake Jack, you're getting all bent out of shape over nothing."  Claire shouted, throwing her arms up in the air then folding them defensively across her ample chest.  Her husband was being ridiculous and he knew it.  The couple always argued when then had to go see her mother. He hated her mother, Claire wasn't particularly fond of her either but that wasn't the point.
"I just don't see why we have to go there EVERY Halloween Claire!  Seriously, I know she's your mother but can't we just make our excuses just for one year."
Claire stared out of the car window, her thoughts; an angry jumble.  She didn't like her mother any more than Jack did, but she was a dutiful daughter and they only ever really visited on Halloween, once a year wasn't exactly a hardship.  She blew some of her long blonde hair out of her brown eyes, brushing her golden locks from her shoulders as she looked over at Jack who was concentrating on
:icontoddlergirl:toddlergirl 93 14
Diaper Tester(Part2 of Commission 1 for Bask25456)
The next morning, Amanda groggily let Mabel change her diaper and feed her a bottle while she tried to forget the previous night. Had she really just had a baby shower for her? She didn’t want it, but she knew she’d been reduced to the status of baby in most of her coworkers eyes.
“Are you ready for the bet?” Mabel asked as she let Amanda down from her new high chair. It had been one of the bigger gifts from the party.
“Bet?” Amanda asked
“The bet we made at the party yesterday. Don’t tell me you’ve honestly forgotten?”
“Oh, right.” Amanda said. She was supposed to go a day without pooping her pants. Or peeing them. Was that even possible? She looked at the diaper pail. It was all her used diapers in there wasn’t it?
“So…” Mabel set the training potty in front of Amanda “Whenever you need to go, you can go in the potty like a big girl.”
“Umm…” Amanda wanted to b
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